goutsoullac: WHITE RACE SUPERMAN by Constantin von Hoffmeister Superman is the defender of truth, justice, the American way and the White race. Superman grew up in White AmeriKa and as Clark Kent occupied an important position in a White organization. The Daily Planet is only read by European-Americans. Niggers read the Goo Yeah Newssheet. On countless occasions, Superman has upheld the Aryan virtues that made his adopted motherland so great in the past. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were two Aryan Jews who created a golem that would defend them in an hostile environment. White AmeriKa was not a hostile environment, but it could have become one if Superman would not have stood by its side in its fight against Hitler. Hitler did not have access to Kryptonite. That is why the Nazis lost the war and the White race was saved. Today, we have to make sure that Kryptonite stays out of the hands of Osama bin Laden and his band of Islamic terrorists that are hellbent on exterminating and/or enslaving the White race. Superman is a champion of good Christian values (that made White AmeriKa great!) and does not like the nonsensical and evil religion of Islam. Superman smashed Nazi tanks in World War II. This proves that Superman is the defender of the White race. Superman saved the White race in the bottle city. All the inhabitants of the bottle city are White. Superman did not protect the inhabitants of Rigratoo in Rwanda.

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