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Primordial Traditions Magazine

Василиса: The next issue of Primordial Traditions, due for publication in March, will be the last issue. After this we shall be publishing material in book format only. Publication will continue on a regular basis, with an estimated 2-4 titles under production each year. As a consequence of this, subscriptions to the Primordial Tradition are now closed. The next issue (a special on the Hellenic Tradition) will be available only to current subscribers or for individual purchase only. Back issues are available for instant purchase and download via Facebook – this is accessible by following the link on the editor’s profile. If however, you do not have access to this page, back issues will also be made available on the website www.primordialtraditions.com and a facility for this is currently under construction. Alternatively, you can also email info@primordialtraditions.com Subscribers whom are part way through a subscription will be refunded for any unread issues in March after the release of the final issue. Please email us if you have queries involving the refund process.

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