Олег Гуцуляк: GLOBAL NETWORK OF INTERTRADITIONALISTS What is Intertraditionalism (Dialectical Traditionalism) in comparison to classical (Guénonian) Traditionalism? This is a sort of a Marxist approach towards Guenon’s doctrine, thus forming dialectical correspondence. As if Marxism was based not on the delusive matrix of scientific materialism, but the perennial true of The Tradition. Intertraditionalism grows on the base of Traditionalism and strives to overcome it, analogically to how Marxism was development and overcoming of liberalism and Modernity as such. We take the Marxism of Quantity (economical) and re-interpret it as the Marxism of Quality (ideological, paradigmatical), in this way turning the proletarian lead into philosophical gold of the forthcoming global brahmanism, which we call Archeocracy. Thus, Intertraditionalism is our philosophy, which understands history as the everlasting process of The Tradition's unfolding, emanating eternal patterns in transit forms. Intertraditionalism gives the base for Archeocracy (global system of government, guided by the new order of priests, both international and intertraditional). Archeocracy is achieved through Enarchism (Gk. en arche "In the Beginning...") - revolutionary theory of transcending global Anarchism of All Forms towards the New Initus (cf. Heidegger's "der andere Anfang"). Enarchism as political ideology is supported by "philosophical Enarchism" - Initialism. https://www.facebook.com/groups/intertraditionale

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